Reviewing The Delonghi Eletta

Just added to the site is our review of the rather impressive ECAM 44.660.B by Delonghi. It’s actually so good that its the very machine I use at home – what better endorsement is there than sitting on the kitchen worktop of someone that runs a coffee machine website?

Quite simply, if you’re looking for an all rounder coffee machine, this is an amazing choice – it makes a wide range of coffee with surprising ease – including milky coffees like lattes. If that’s something that appeals – you’ll also be pleased to know that the cleaning is pretty much done for you too. There’s a semi automatic flushing function after every milk dispensing cycle is complete, meaning that there’s no milk residue to go off in awkward to reach places. Descale cycles are handled too, meaning that there’s nothing much for you to do other than set it going when its time for a clean.

Where bean to cup coffee machines are concerned, there’s not much more that Delonghi could have come up with to make things easier and more straightforward for you!

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