Great Coffee Machine Reviews

Welcome to Cosmics Coffee – your guide to some amazing coffee makers. We’ve scoured the web to bring together the best machines we can find – and so that you don’t need to reinvent the wheel by reading it all too – we’ve pulled it all together into this simple to use website.

Quite simply there are tons of coffee machines out there, from the state of the art bean to cup coffee machines like the Delonghi ECAM44.660.b and the Sage Barista Express, down to the cheap and cheerful percolators we associate with days gone by. Yes, you can still buy them too!

We’re far more interested in the really impressive machines though, and the great news is, they’re not always the most expensive ones.

On this page, the homepage on the site, we’ll simply look at our favourite coffee machines. You’ll also find a menu at the top of the site going into lots more detail too. For example, there’s the run down of Delonghi coffee machines along with other manufacturers, and we similarly assess them by their recommended price.

Let’s start then with our favourite model – the Delonghi ECAM44.660.B.

The Delonghi ECAM44.660.B Bean To Cup Coffee Machine

Delonghi ECAM44.660.b Eletta bean to cup coffee machineFirst and foremost, let’s make the point that this isn’t the cheapest machine on the market, but it’s not the most expensive either. It also happens to be the very machine that I’ve chosen to take pride of place in my own kitchen (as you can see in the picture!) – in itself that should be quite a recommendation given that I write this website!

What I really love about this Eletta series machine is that it caters not only for my love of good quality coffee, but also everyone that comes through the house too. The milk carafe provides an extra dimension over a lot of other machines, as it allows you to either use the automatic programmes – think cappuccino, latte and flat white, or alternatively to experiment with your own creations. I tend to do both – the automatic flat white setting made a little stronger with an extra dash of coffee hits the mark perfectly. You could use the programming of the machine to autoate this of course, but it’s really easy to do out of the box.

You can read much more detail about the Eletta ECAM44.660.B by Delonghi in our full review, but that’s the quick rundown for now and our recommendation is that you check the current price on Amazon, where it’s often available at a great price with fast delivery.

Sage Barista Express

This is a machine that sells well, as demonstrated by the Amazon best seller list. As far as I know, for as long as I’ve been writing about coffee machines (which is measured in terms of years), it’s been in one of their top spots.

The Sage brand is heavily associated with Heston Blumenthal in the UK (although much of the marketing around that association has now ended), but in America is marketed under the name Breville.