Delonghi Coffee Machine Model Numbers

Having recently announced our Eletta review being aded to the site, it’s a good time to note that Delonghi’s model numbering system isn’t always is intuitive as you might think.

For example, at the low end of their range, you’ll find several machines that are enormously popular, and you might wonder what the difference is between them. To illustrate, we’ll talk about three of the main ones, the Magnifica ESAM4200, ESAM2800 and the ESAM4000 b.

The first thing to note is that they’re all very similar indeed, and you’ll often see them on Amazon (as an example) for completely different prices.

ESAM 2800 vs 4200

This is the most likely pairing to confuse you, as the pricing varies most. Typically you’ll see the ESAM 2800 or ESAM 4200 first, then see the other and wonder about the difference as the features look broadly the same. Generally, the 2800 is cheaper, but the big difference is the aesthetics (ie the casing) – and the fact that the 4200 has a ‘tray’ on top that can act as a cup warmer.

ESAM 4000 b vs ESAM 4200

These two are a more direct comparison, with the trailing ‘b’ on the ESAM4000b indicating that the model comes in black. While the other model is most commonly referred to as ESAM4200, you will at times also see ESAM4200.S, as it’s the silver option.

You can see how the three similar Delonghi bean to cup coffee machines vary in price on Amazon via these links:

As you can see – they do have quite a difference, so if you’re not particularly swayed by the subtle differences in appearance, you can save a fortune by choosing whichever is cheapest at the time you’re ready to buy!

The same concept applies to the Eletta machines too – with the ECAM44.660.b and ECAM45.760.W being equivalent too – the first in black and the second in white. The prices for those are here:

Reviewing The Delonghi Eletta

Just added to the site is our review of the rather impressive ECAM 44.660.B by Delonghi. It’s actually so good that its the very machine I use at home – what better endorsement is there than sitting on the kitchen worktop of someone that runs a coffee machine website?

Quite simply, if you’re looking for an all rounder coffee machine, this is an amazing choice – it makes a wide range of coffee with surprising ease – including milky coffees like lattes. If that’s something that appeals – you’ll also be pleased to know that the cleaning is pretty much done for you too. There’s a semi automatic flushing function after every milk dispensing cycle is complete, meaning that there’s no milk residue to go off in awkward to reach places. Descale cycles are handled too, meaning that there’s nothing much for you to do other than set it going when its time for a clean.

Where bean to cup coffee machines are concerned, there’s not much more that Delonghi could have come up with to make things easier and more straightforward for you!

Check out the new Delonghi Eletta ECAM 44.660.b review here.

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